Memories and The Smell of Gasoline

I am here,

in the place where fate resides.

A waste of time,

or just erasing mine?

A clean slate,

another state of mind.

I have lost direction,

must have missed a sign.


I got caught up

for a minute in your grand design.

Didn’t see that I had missed my ride.

Only for a moment

that became most of my life,

never saw the day

had slipped away to night.


Did I lose it all,

my past just another fire?

Did I choose it,

or was I chasing my desire?

Did you not hold me

and tell me we would meet again?

I remember every single word you said.


I guess it’s time to move on

and soak my past in gasoline,

drop the match

and ride in to the night,

leaving behind shadows

of what might have been.


We never meant each other any harm,

but we will forever bear the scars

and memories still too hot to touch

it shouldn’t cost so much

to give in to our lust.


Good night,

my memory in flames.

Good bye,

it’s too late for exchange.

Good night,

I can’t forget your name,

even as it burns,

even as it fades.

Good bye,

yesterday’s embrace.


HG – 2016

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