Carpe Diem

Take today.

Seize it,

pilfer it

and steal it away.

Don’t let it stray.

Trap it

and ensnare it,

make time your prey.

Feed on it,

consume it,

lest it go to waste.


Your time here

is but a meager ration.

Live it

in any fashion

you can imagine.

Live it how you please.

We’re all heading for the end,

so every second matters.

Whatever happens after,

we shall see.


Can’t look too far ahead,

it goes too fast.

Make it good,

cause we can’t

make it last.

What happens now

is already the past,

so never let

fear direct your path.


Be who you are inside.

Love all you can abide.

Create while you have time.

Protect those behind.


All we have is time,

But the clock will soon unwind.


Believe in love and life.

Dark and death will come.

We will stand and fight.

We will be the ones.

Hate will break on us.

We will carry on.

We are of the night.

Marching to the dawn.


HG – 2016


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