It’s Funny When We Fall

Hasten the fall,

running to the edge and over.

Breaking the walls,

hitting them so much more,

that they come down.


Laying down.

This strangled reply

is the best I could find.

Maybe making all this happen

was a joke?

I hear laughing;

Oh, so close.

In my bones.

It must be coming out of me.


Must have had it all backwards,

somewhere I went wrong.

Twisted up the answers,

made up lyrics to the song.

It was all right and perfect.

It was all bright and new.

Before I trusted myself

with the better parts of you.


I guess you showed me,

I’m just a clown.

Here for the music,

here for the crowds.

I’m breaking my one rule;

I’m letting you in.

Now getting out,

that’s gonna be fun in the end.

I wonder who will win?


Have a heart,

give in softly.

Lay down and understand me.

I’m not laughing

because it’s funny,

I’ve lost my mind

and my country.

Played a game

for the highest stakes

and lost.

I guess that’s my mistake,

but all it cost

was everything I had.

Wouldn’t you love to be mad?


I’ll never cry again.

I’ve lost that part of my eyes,

in my smile.

I’m waiting for the moment now,

I’m chilling out in style.

They’ll never say that I went down

without a fight.

I’ll be here every night.

My name lit up in lights.

I’m here to paint the town

and burn it down;

I’ve got big things planned, alright.

You should really stick around.


If you listen hard,

there’s always laughter in you.

Part of you

has lost it, too.

It’s waiting for the fall

to catch you.


Madness is a descent

and laughter is the net.


HG – 2016

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