Children of The New Unknown

For those born to seek,

there is no peace.

The search is in their blood

and even death will not

quench their thirst for wondering.


No answer found

will satiate the questions

asked by hollow and driven wayfarers.

The road upon which they journey,

ever taunts them with the new unknown.


They will never know a bed of comfort.

They toss and turn about,

tormented by half truths

and secrets left uncovered.

There is no time in their lives for certainty,

for that is the end.

That is Death.


Their cup is half full,

but it fills no further.


All the oceans of the world

would never overflow

such unquenchable souls.

Each one unto themselves

a vessel,

unsatisfied with the knowledge of mankind.


Vagrant minds that know only hunger,

reach for the highest trees

to taste the fruit of gods.


Agape with wonder,

traversing over vast distances,

only to catch a sniff

of some new atmosphere.


Delving deep into the far darkness

that disheartens even the bravest men,

merely to understand in their own hearts

what truly dwells in blackness.


Unmoored nomads,

doomed to drift

out into the world

on deep currents

never felt

by the harbor bound.


HG – 2016

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