The Hospital at Heritage Falls

The wind through the leaves sounds like distant, tiny applause

and reminds me of the day you won it all.

The day you left, so happily

severing the past from the future

and killing what was killing you.

I never dared question,

the act itself was so violent,

so terrifying

and brave.

We kept in contact, briefly,

but you sequestered yourself,

behind your success

and your lawyers

and the children.

I was never that obsessed with success.

You slammed down hard liquor and rained down aggression.

When the failures were yours

you only grew more angry

and more unstable.

No amount of sedatives could put you down.

The walls are soft in the world you ended up in

and no one uses harsh language anymore.

You aren’t dead, but there’s a little bit of spit

hanging from the edge of your mouth,

that tells me

you have vacated

yet another perfectly good host.

You always were a parasite

and a son of a bitch.

Welcome to Heritage Falls,

the food sucks,

but the view is exquisite.


HG – 2016

One thought on “The Hospital at Heritage Falls

  1. This was written in about a minute and a half. Like word vomit that took the form of automatic writing. Sometimes it’s good to just open the tap and see what comes out.

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