Ignoring Gravity

If we could just ignore gravity,

we could fly.

If we could find the will,

there’s so much

we could set aside.

Hate and pain,

imaginary finish lines;

that we think protect,

but they just confine.


I’m standing here

at the edge

of humanity’s ascent,

hanging my toes off of the edge.

Wondering about defying

everything that they have said.

Ignore the world

and listen to the wind.


If I fly, would you come with me?

Ignoring gravity.


We spend our minds

watching the wars,

but most of forgot

what we are fighting for.

The hardest battles

are all fought alone,

fought inside our heads

we feel it in our bones.


A firebomb,

it lights the night,

but it can’t light the way,

out of the cycle

we are living every day.

We can watch the game,

the pawns are now in play,

but there’s more going on

than we appreciate.


So I think I’ll step outside,

set for my first or final flight

and breathe in deep,

taking in the sight

of the city in the dying light.

Then I step off the edge

and disappear into the night;

wondering if you would come with me;

ignoring gravity.


If you never hear from me again,

it won’t be because I died,

but because I slipped my chains

and learned to fly.

You can too,

if only you

would free your mind like me

and start to think about

ignoring gravity.


HG – 2016

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