Disposable Syringe

You can feel it crawl across your skin,

anticipating the stimulation,

shivering with trepidation

until it pierces through you.


Disguised as spiritual release,

it’s really nailing you down,

you let it hammer itself through

that precious part of you

and stake you to the ground.


It’s just a temporary twitch,

it’s going to all be over soon.

You’re going to get your every wish.

You’re going to be over the moon

and you’ll believe in every lie

that the voice is telling you,

because you need to believe

you haven’t lost your mind;

I’m afraid you’ll find, it’s true.


All life’s little disappointments

gave you the need

opened you up,

so they could do as they please

and now you’re addicted

to being let down,

so used to abuse,

you’ll fucking beg for it now.


It’s like fingertips along your spine

and running through your hair,

the breath upon your neck,

you think you know what’s next,

you think that you’re prepared.

You’re a disposable syringe;

use once and destroy.

Just a little pinch,

a little binge,

then it’s over;

close your eyes and feel the void.


Who let them make you

their little drug doll?

Object, plaything,

never really mattered at all.

Trapped in the space behind your eyes

trying to get out.

So easily appeased,

the need is to feed;

dying for the down.


HG – 2016

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    1. Thank you for reading it, and commenting! Unfortunately, there are a lot more like this in my collection called “The Malcontent”. It is a category on my page.

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