(The Hunger For) Absolution

Open your bottled up confessions,

let them breathe a little while.

Come bearing your unanswered questions,

I’ve got the answers and a smile.

I’ll hear your sins

and your transgressions,

I’ll soothe your hurt and dry your tears,

but don’t you think for one more minute

that you’re safe, or in the clear.


You’ve come out swimming with the sharks.

You’re dancing with the devil, now.

Cut a little rug,

or cut you down to our level, now.

You came from the dirt,

but you’re oh, so pretty, now.

Kings and queens of the Earth,

just a bunch of petty thieves, now.

I think that you’d agree

the world is riddled with disease

and it’s time to wash it clean, now.


You were supposed to me a mute.

You weren’t supposed to speak at all,

because the truth is absolute

and all the words belong to God.

But you just had to speak your peace,

you had to bear your soul

and you thought that that would save you,

but you just gave up control.

This joke never gets old.


With my hand on your head,

I’m pushing you down

into the water to save you,

or am I watching you drown?

You begged me for rebirth,

but it was never there.

I offered you the Earth,

now you’re begging me for air.


Nothing forgives,

like he who gives


Penance resolves

everyone’s flaws


Revel in sin,

then you begin

to second guess.

Yes, my dear,

your driven by fear

of abstinence.


You just want to be touched,

you just want to be fucked.

You want to hear how smart you are.

You want to hear you broke my heart.

You want to hear you’re beautiful,

desired by the world

and I’ll give you all that until

it’s time for you to pay the bill.


Tell me you’re sorry

and I’ll tell you

it’ll be okay.

You’ll know it’s a lie,

but you’ll let me

take you away.


All sins taste the same.


HG – 2016

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