From Dark Before

I was born

when the universe was dark.

I was shaped

when the Earth was cold.

I was born

by the mother of the void

and the father of singularity.

Birthed in silence

before the light

was spoked in to existence;

I witnessed the first dividing line.


I am the last of the everything.

The last thing created whole,

before time and light

and straight confining ideas

turned one element against another.


The place that bore me

no longer exists;

shattered like crystal,

its shards spinning out into the universe,

never to be made whole.


Wanderer of the Celestial Highway,

moving between time and reality;

I sometimes encounter shadows

that sound like echoes

of my home.


Here, a piece of darkness,

there, a space of silence

and here,

upon this little blue rock

in a backwater galaxy,

I find a myth.

A piece of the creation legend

none could have believed true.



The potential for reunification.



mingled with the insane

and insignificant struggles

of its inhabitants,

I have found a thing

thought lost eons ago.


I will abide here,

for maybe a few thousand years,

by their sun

and see what these beings make

of such a thing.

What will these “Humans” do

with their place in divinity?


HG – 2016

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