Falling Together

I watched you implode,


like the stars you always wish on.

Your beautiful edifice succumbed

to unimaginable and unseen

internal pressures.


You were always so full,

of life, of love, of strength;

I never would have believed

if you told me

that the weight was approaching

violent, critical mass.


There was never so much as a crack

in your stunning facade.

No hint that the maelstrom within

was falling in upon itself.


The only sign,

in retrospect,

of your spectacular destruction,

were those words

you sent me in a text message:


“I’m falling together. Too much life is getting in.”


HG – 2016

3 thoughts on “Falling Together

  1. That last line. That quote. I don’t know who you wrote this about, or what happened, but I think I can guess, and I know exactly what this person meant by what they said.

    1. Thanks for reading and commenting! I was a bit confused by it when I wrote it and was going to change it, but since it challenged me, I left it there. I don’t always know what I’m writing when I write it.

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