Dear Readers

I want you to know

that all this is for you.


Every letter scratched into the page

and every thought that made them;

these are my gift to you.

For I will be outlived by my words,

as I will by you.


These emotions here,

these are my gift to you as well.

I give you the whole spectrum of my heart;

all I’ve ever felt,

is yours.


Here also, are all of my fears and frustrations,

for they drove me as much as love.

Hard as it is to admit,

they are not lacking,

but take them, for they are part of me.


I give you all my sense of wonder,

awe and curiosity;

these were always my favorites.

Yes, love and loyalty and friendship,

those are in there, too,

but it is the childlike joy

and excitement at the unknown

that I always cherished.


All this is for you.


Why you?

Because you are worthy.

Because you need these things,

perhaps even more than I did.

That might be why

I so diligently recorded them.

Why I tried my best

to capture and translate the abstract.

To describe life,

but never tame it.


It was all for you,

that you might know the secret

hidden in these words.

That you might surmise the meaning

infused within them

and that, when you get there,

you will know

that I did this

all for you.


HG -2016

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