Civil War

Gasping for air.

Straining to catch our breath.

Fighting down

a raging sea of emotions.

Seeking calm,

in the midst of chaos,

without the futility

of trying to understand it;

merely trying

to keep a grip on humanity.


Beat back

that which crawls

out of that savage pit of souls.

Prison for the murderous

is shaking loose

and bleeding forth

old, stagnant infections

too long ignored.


Civil war,

sever and cauterize.

Modern Warfare,

a surgical strike;

direct action.

The future begs

that we expose healthy tissue,

or the body will reject the graft.

Blood and fire,

what is old is new again,

but those days were atrocities

we swore our children would not see.


Fighting to catch a breath,

heart pounding,

soul tearing;

reaching for comfort,

but comfort was in the hand

that we rejected.


It was in the skin

that we shed.

It was in the shield

we discarded.

It was in the promise

we broke.



we will fight

just to breathe.


HG – 2016

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