Love The Fight

Who do you love?

What do you crave?

Is your fantasy worth fighting for?

Are your dreams worth being saved?

Will you rise up

and take them back from grave?

What price would you pay?


Rising before the sun,

we lead the march to war.

Like the angels proclaim The One,

we believe in something more.

We’ve been beaten enough for love,

undefeated we duck the punch

and we’re coming back

swinging for our lives.


Fight for love.

Love the fight.


There have been days that we’ve mourned.

There will be many more.

No longer the passive ones,

we’re doing the work

that needs to be done.

We might never be in sight of the end.

The moment is what matters.

The time is at hand.

Learned to take a punch

and stay upright.


Fight for love.

Love the fight.


What would you dare?

What would you give?

Would you lay down

so that others could live?

Do you understand

what was meant by Love?

Have you felt it?

Could you ever get enough?


The walls are coming down.

There’s chaos all around.

We were born in the war,

so we will stand our ground.

We’ve got each other,

trust each other,

never break the line,

We’re not giving up this time.


Stronger than ever,

at the end of days,

the edge of night.

Love will burn,

it’s our turn

to stand up for what’s right.


Fight for love.

Love the fight.


HG – 2016

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