Come outside

into the light

of a summer sun,

let it burn away

insecurity, self hate and shame.


Let’s go

far away

from this place,

from yesterday.

Where the warm sand

meets water,

meets sky.


Right now – we can start again.

Right here – we don’t need a plan.

We’ve been trapped too long in the war,

let’s see what we’ve been fighting for.


Step outside

into the night,

lit by the moon

and the bonfire burns.

All of our days

past are gone.

There are new ways,

new paths to tread.

These are new days,

that drew you in.

How could something this right be wrong?


Let’s go

out into the night.

The darkness holds its secrets

that we’re going to find.

When the new day comes

we will be long gone,

open up your eyes

and walk into the light.


The journey is a break

from that cycle,

day to day

and freedom feels great

when you finally step away.

When you let go of your chains

and take a leap of faith;

you were meant for this escape.

Fated for a jailbreak.


HG – 2016

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