A Lighthearted Chat With an Angel

Some know me as “Consequence”,

others as “Justice”

and to some, I am “Judgement”.

I have, at times, been wrathful

and to the spiritual, my intervention is “Divine”.


I exist on both sides of every war,

I walk between battlefields,

like you walk through aisles at the market.

The carnage of righteous indignation,

or political dogmas

hold no interest for me;

I am merely the inevitable outcome

of certain decisions.


I have been called “Karma” in the East.

Few are the fortunate

who have not known my work,

though I would like it known

that I am not “The Judge”.

That seat sits much higher than I,

I merely carry out the sentence.


Some who have studied my work,

have noted my sense of humor,

to which, I am grateful;

after all,

I am the reason it was called

“The Divine Comedy”.

Effective consequences,

like comedy,

require excellent timing.


I am not without my critics.

There are many who ask of my employer,

“Why didn’t so-and-so get their just desserts?”

Most of the time,

people just want to see someone they don’t like

“Get theirs”,

but often there’s no real offence to punish,

just jealousy and petty differences.


Once in a while, though,

I’ll run into a truly evil bastard.

Some of them are tough to pin down

and they make it difficult to serve the writ,

but that’s where being an immortal,

non-corporeal entity has its perks.

I just have to wait

and when they’re on their deathbed,

I visit

and let them know that they did not escape me.

Not ideal for some people’s tastes, I know,

but we’re talking eternal damnation here,

so it is fitting.


I am not unknown by the righteous either,

though, by definition,

our meetings are less frequent

and frequently less severe.

It seems that earnest prayers for forgiveness

and a strong sense of guilt

actually go pretty far to lessening the wrath

of my employer,

but usually only the first time.


I visit the habitual offenders the most often.

Some daily,

some only once,

but it’s never pretty.

Human beings are capable of some heinous shit.

They do all kinds of harm to themselves

and to others

and they know I’m coming,

they know I will bear them harm,

they know who I work for…

… dark shit.


That’s why I have the sense of humor I do.

Gotta keep up a light heart and a smile,

or an eternity of visiting divine repercussions

on all of humanity for their deviant actions

would rapidly become depressing

and no one likes a mopey angel.


HG – 2016

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