Beg The Raven

The songs I sung

when I was young

mean nothing to me now.

They gave the day

a great escape,

I’ve gone

and locked it out.

I’ve passed on

that old one

that held emotions down.

The greatest trick

I ever pulled,

was making you believe

that I would need

another way to go.


It’s been a while

and I still remember

your crooked smile.

Black tooth grin,

soak it in;

the whiskey and the vial.

We tossed ‘em back,

but I lost track

and I can’t recall.

Death comes easy

in the Summer time,

but harder in the Fall.


This old rock,

still rolls.

This old pain

still holds.

This old man,

he don’t know;

how we gave away the day.

I remember being young,

with my lips around that gun,

that needle in my arm,

the life we lived so far.

How did I survive

and you were laid down low?

this is why

I never try

to remember;

why I don’t,

beg the raven for his quote.


HG – 2016

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