Thursday at The Office

Patience is a virtue.

To be long suffering is a gift.

Being slow to anger

and even in response

is a sign of a balanced

and mature mind.

But, even the strongest of us


Even the most tempered,

crack under the strain.

The haunting laughter of madness

lurks in some dark corner

of all minds.


We all have our moments,

when the day to day cares

that we bear so gracefully

become one too many,

at just the wrong moment

and then;


It’s time to burn the world.


Figuratively of course.

After all,

we’re talking about

otherwise good,


and well adjusted people, here.

Not religious fanatics,

or psychotic civil servants.


Real, normal folks,


when faced with one more episode

of inter-office drama-theater,

just want to yell;

“You’re all killing me inside!”

and smash Josh,

the Accounts Receivable guy

in the face with a USB hub

shaped like a lady bug.

But only because Josh

is close

and the cord on the device is short.

If we had some kind of

projectile weapon,

we’d take out Jenna,

in Sales.

That bitch starts all the drama.

Fuck her.


Long suffering.

The yogi on the mountain.

The Buddha.


I am a leaf on the wind,

just waiting for the weekend.

Now, breathe.


HG – 2016

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