An Unlikely Response

My eyes are wide

with astonishment.

My jaw hangs slack

for just a moment

and I am,

for the first time

in a long time,

without words.


I didn’t think

you had it in you.

I see now,

that I held the bar

too low.

My expectations

never accounted

for your infinite potential.

You really showed me!



I barely trusted your

capabilities at all

and here

you have impressed me

with your skill,

your finesse

and you refinement.


My stamp of mediocrity

was upon you early.

You were marked

to be a servant

and a plebe.

I don’t know

and I don’t care

how you did this amazing work,

but you have made me

rethink my view of you

and how I judge the world.


You have freed me

from my preconceptions,

you have given me back

my limitlessness

and emancipated my understanding

of my place in the world.


HG – 2016

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