A Perfect Silhouette

So sudden and so clear,

like an angel’s light,

the sight that met my eyes.

You were leaving in the morning

after the rain came down.

There was sun behind your exit.

You stood seconds in the door

and you cut a perfect silhouette,

burned into my heart

from that moment forward.


Your hair,

how it softly framed your face,

as carved from rarest stone.

The curve of your neck and breasts,

waist and hips,

now etched into my soul.

You cast

the perfect silhouette,

like a spell on my mind

and parted from me


no pain in our divide.


I used to see things differently.

I used to fear the part

when you’d walk out of that door

and leave that absence in my heart.

Your touch will always

linger on,

so even when you’re gone

my mind still holds that image

of you against the dawn.


A memory of art.

An angel in the light,

you cut a perfect silhouette

out of the fabric

of my life.


HG – 2016

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