Hollow Dolls

Given to temptation,

trouble and tragedy.

Tangled in webs

that we weave,


Sin so sublime,

there’s no time

for apostasy.

Claiming the name,

we defame our own ancestry.


Playing with life,

like a cat

with a bird

in its mouth.

Never so lost

as we are

when it’s all

heading south.


The river

breaks its banks

and we flow down

bitter with doubt.

A dip in the water

washes all

the distemper out.


The brighter the light,

the longer the shadow;

until It’s night,

then where do the

bad go?

We slaughter delight,

slight of hand

drives us mad, so

we hold on despite

the knife has no handle.


Hollow dolls,

wrecking balls,

blood stained,

self medicate;

our inclination

to worship

the reprobate.


Dive in face first

to the fist,



Swing and a miss.

This is it,

our natural state.


HG – 2016

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