Solitary Disconnect

Plugged in.


The sound of the system’s whine

as it powers up.


Power down.

The high pitched,

almost imperceptible sound

of a powered device

gives way to true silence

and I can hear rain falling,

wind blowing.

Solitary sounds,

on a solitary night.


The storm becomes a veil

between the individual

and the rest of society,

much as that

point and click interface

that now sits unplugged.


No one really appreciates

a summer storm

like the blissfully alone.

A warm cup of tea,

a book,

a blanket

and all distractions cease.

The world is every raindrop.

Thunder becomes the dialect

of the solitary.


The moment will be maddeningly brief,

an afternoon, or an evening at best;

so each droplet,

each flash of lightning

must be savoured.


Then, the rain ceases

and the Sun begins to break up the clouds.

Birds sing in the trees again

and we know that it is time

to rejoin the world.


The veil lifts,

we plug back in.

The individual rejoins society

and that high pitched whine

of systems drawing power,

becomes lost in the sounds

of our awakening world.


HG – 2016

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