Don’t go getting soft on me now!

We had an idea,

a plan,

a course of action

that we had agreed upon!

Now you change your mind?

Now you decide to leave?

You can’t abandon me in this,

we’re in this together!



don’t you think that I want to give up, too?

Don’t you think that I’ve had to sacrifice,

just to get us this far?

Do you think that all the work

that has been done up until now,

was done so we could just

throw up our hands and walk away?

Like “Fuck it!”


Don’t try to act like this is all

no big deal.

You have as much invested in this

as I do.

I know you want this to succeed.


Remember all those nights

we sat up talking about our plans?

Remember what you said?

None of that has changed.

We’re closer now that we’ve ever been,

so don’t go telling me

that you want to back out now.


This will only succeed

with the both of us.

Don’t give up.

We can do this.

We can do anything,

you should know that by now.


HG – 2016

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