Magnum Opus

Come and hear the song,

if you want

you can sing along.

This is your anthem now,

your funeral dirge.

You know all the words

every syllable and verse.


You’ve been tunelessly humming

it in your head

for your whole life.

How loud does it get

the closer you come

to the end of your run?

Now it’s time to shout out

our great ovation.


These were all your words

from the start.

The tempo was set

by the beat of your heart.

Your love made the harmonies clear,

but what really set the hook in,

was your fear.


You’ve always wondered

who was plucking your strings,

you didn’t notice

one fucking thing.

It was you who arranged

how the song would be played.

Turned a sweet serenade,

to a march to the grave.


Who is conducting, but you?

Maybe you’ve left the stage,

let’s cut right to,

the fact that you gave up

on the song of your life,

but someone else came in

and picked up the mic.


All I hear now is whining

and discord and feedback,

that means that you’re dying.

You were so alive,

now the song is declining,

let a new inspiration inside

before you die.


We all disappear.

We all must take a bow.

The end is getting near.

The only difference now,

is what we leave behind

and how we change the world.

We each leave everything

behind us afterwards.


So sing loud.

This is your song.

Don’t let life drown you out.

There is no second show.

Leave everything here.

We’re getting out,


Wave to the crowd.


HG – 2016

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