A Smile & A Wave

I am reaching out to you

without using my hands

and you do not respond.

All my words

and thoughts of you

were useless all along.

I should have embraced you,

once again,

but you were gone.

This is the price we pay,

when we wait too long.


I could never explain

why we become

trapped inside

a lifelong charade.

I couldn’t say the words,

because they’d just evaporate

every time I saw your face

and now it’s too late.


Maybe somehow we are

better off this way.

The never been said words

could never have been heard.

The touch could never hurt,

now never in this world.

We never would have

let it get there anyway.


You and I each had our part to play.

We both know how it feels

to be left alone upon the stage.

Waiting for the last

of the applause to fade.


Now, we’ll never have to be afraid,

the moment passed when you did,

there never was a way.

Beyond the muted communication

that has gone today.

Not a touch,

not a word,

just a smile and a wave.


HG – 2016

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