The Last Mile

Maybe that’s the answer

she’s been searching for

her whole life.

Since her daddy left her,

she’s been feeling lost

and hard to find

at the same time.


She’s been around the world

trying to move one,

but always been afraid.

Every waking dawn

reminds her of his face.

The fact that she’s alone

and even when she’s not

she can’t stay anyway;

trying to find a way



Where is home,

when you’ve never known?

When your heart has gone,

what are you building on?

When someone leaves us

and takes our cornerstone,

can we build another one?

How do we move on?


She stays seeking

with ever grey dawn.

Every sunlight peeking

through the grey clouds,

dreaming that the right now

is the path to somehow.

Driving the last mile

of familiar road

and finally finding home.


Maybe it is where we dream it is;

where we plant ourselves.

Maybe it’s the moment we can share

our love with someone else.

It’s not just where we dwell;

it’s where we dream


HG – 2016

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