When I was young

and just begun,

I sabotaged

my position.

I sold the truth

and bought a lie,

then gave away

my alibi.

I spoke to God

and begged to die.

I prayed for chains,

then made to fly.


I was lost,

so high and holy.

Deny my love,

my one and only.


couldn’t hold me.

Reached in deep

and killed me slowly.


Up above the sky

I tried to hide.

Burned up on re-entry;

my spectacular good-bye.

There was just enough

left of me to find,

too stubborn

to let it pass me by.

I’m never pacified.


Gain the world

and lose my soul,

or give it up

and ask for more.

The past is gone,

outlast the dawn.

We’re all afraid

of moving on.


The heart still beats,

the blood still flows;

I guess that’s how

the story goes.

An astronaut

in stylish clothes,

but only those

who’ve been will know.


No wonder why

I can’t abide

my circumstance,

let chance decide.

I’ve given up

enough to know

that holding on

means letting go.


Sometimes we have to fly

and fall

to appreciate the sky.

It all becomes

the reason that we die.

We are one

with everything inside.

We are the universe alive.


HG – 2016

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