The Known Road

I have never feared the unknown.

Instead, it is the possible,

the likely and the certain

that give me pause.

Rarely do I avoid

the path less travelled,

but instead I eschew

the known road.

That crowded and banal concourse,

due to some strange, inexplicable aversion.

I’m not much of a leader,

but I have never liked following

and the broad brush of mediocrity

often sits unused in my studio.


Seldom do I dwell on the domestic,

the pedestrian and the everyday;

it seems that mine is a mind

made for dreaming.

Given to flights of fancy,

and sudden shifts in perception.

Wild and unpredictable with passion

and unafraid of leaps of faith.

Undaunted by words like “No”,

or, “Impossible”.


I have never fit in

and the older I get,

the more thankful I am for that,

because I am strange enough

for the company of interesting people.

My circle is small, but eccentric.


Unfortunately for the curious,

the dishes need doing,

the house needs fixing

and the day job that most of us

must invariably keep,

must be attended with a modicum

of diligence.

So, we find creative ways

to excel at these things, too.

Ensuring that when we do,

by no choice of our own, mind you,

find ourselves upon that path,

congested and slow moving,

we are proud to be walking

towards our destination

with purpose in our eyes

and a spring in our step

and sometimes wearing a chicken suit.


HG – 2016

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