Falling Up

I’m laying on the ceiling.

I’m staring up at the floor,

wondering how my world

got turned upside down


I’m preparing for the answers,

but it’s the questions that I hate;

someone is going to have to ask

if we want it all to go away?


Instead there’s uncomfortable silence

and the sound of the door.

of your car as you leave.

I can’t blame you

for not wanting to deal with this shit anymore.

I’d chase you

and promise that I could change,

but I just can shake the feeling

that I won’t and I can’t

and I don’t give a damn,

so just go while the getting’s good, now;

I think I like things upside down.


Why would I change who I am, what I think,

just to make you believe that I’m some other thing?

Wonder why I should lie,

redirect and deny,

just to fit how the world has to look in your eyes.

Now I’ve changed how I

see the world and I find

that even though it doesn’t make sense now,

I like things upside down.


I am so far outside my comfort zone,

turns out I don’t fear my fears at all.

Now that I am here, I’m not alone,

so many try to fly,

but really we just upward fall.


Good-bye insecurity and never pleasing you,

watching you drive across my sky,

until you disappear from view.

My horizon’s changed,

the possibilities have, too.

I can open up the door

and step out into the blue.


I could spend forever falling now,

but you think I’m flying,

cause you’re upside down.

Smile when you see me falling down,

I’m be up there somewhere in the clouds.

You’ll find that there’s all kinds of

room to move around,

when your life gets turned upside down.


HG – 2016

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