Attempted Dream Escapes



why are you scratching and clawing at the wall?

There’s no use in trying to escape.

I wonder why you even care at all?

Beyond this room there’s only nervous shapes,

that reach out of the shadows

try to drag you to their sorrows;

save your fears

for the inevitable day

they come to take you away.


No one knows where we go,

but we always seem to follow,

one after the other,

down the spiral of tomorrow.

Is it fact, or is it fiction?

Doesn’t matter, long as I know

that the end is resolution

in this timeless search to find you.


I hope that we will soon be free.

Tied inside a box

is a confining space to be.

I’m locked up with the thoughts

of a madman’s insanity

and he’s been starting to make sense;

I’m starting to agree.

I’m planning our revenge

upon the world that put us here;

quiet down and let me dry your tears.


The panic and the terror

only makes our captors hunger further.

scintillates their arousal

and hastens their love of murder.

Just when I think we’re in the clear,

another one of us disappears.


Hold on.

Stay with me.

I can hear the monsters moving

just beyond the door.

Sniffing at the cracks along the floor.

We have fashioned weapons

from the bones of our departed brethren,

honed to deadly edges

on the walls that made our prison.

Now let us take up our resistance,

we’re not strong, but we are many.

The next time they come

to take one

we’ll be waiting,

we’ll be ready.


Then your hand touches my shoulder,

with a shake, you rouse and wake me.

The room is dark and we’re alone,

the dream is quickly fading.

I remember fear and demons.

I remember fighting back.

The thoughts of cornered animals

that prepared to attack.

The memories fade away so fast.


I’m left staring at the walls

and all the bloody claw marks,

that remind me of something

from the past.

So we shiver and huddle close for warmth.


Quiet now, there something at the door.


HG – 2016

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