Peeking through the blinds,

squinting eyes against the light,

furtive glance at the outside

verging on actualized paranoia.

Sometimes we just want

an extra layer between us

and the world.

Sometimes the chemical cushion

does not suffice.

We are too tied in to everything,

that escape seems impossible

and interactions are rarely offered

on our own terms.


No realm of fantasy exists

deep enough to lose ourselves,

so that the light of the world cannot reach us.

No ocean vast enough

to separate us from

a gnawing, anxious world;

that seeks to commoditize us

and monetize us,

and lobotomize us.

We do not have crystal castles

to escape to.


People talk about bubble wrapping the world,

and they laugh, like it’s a dumb idea,

but I think they might be on to something.

Sometimes, the world could use

a little extra insulation,

a layer that deadens sounds

and lessens impacts.

Maybe then, we might

take greater care with our interactions,

after spending a little time

separated from the harsh noises,

sharp edges

and rough surfaces.


Something that allows us

to burn brightly,

without burning others.


Most days,

I love the loud crash and wail

of our world.

I love the flash fires,

the friction,

the conflict,

the explosion

and the consummate resolution,

but some days,

I would give a lot

for a little insulation.


HG – 2016

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