Dark Matter in The Afterglow

Will you let me take your pain away?

Can I be a needle in your vein?

You look like you could use an escape.

I can be

just what you need,

the chance you have to take.

Are you seeking freedom from your fear?

I think you’ll find everything is clear,

when you come and join me over here.

I will take away

the reasons your afraid.


In the background,

in the subtext,

in the shadows,

I will protect,

you from yourself

and from this world

come and join me,

you won’t get hurt,

by your boyfriend,

or your girlfriend,

when they turn and

fuck your best friend.

I can still hear

every shed tear,

every reject,

I will protect.


Join me,

find me,

read between the lines.

The devil’s in the details,

but I’m in the designs.

One step between the darkness and the light

and you’ll be free,

find all you need

and see that it’s alright.


In the in between,

in the half-sleep,

in the day dream,

in the last beat,

of a love lost

and a love found,

those high walls

will be brought down.

In the chaos,

in the firefight,

we can escape

in the daylight.

Through the weaving

of space time,

through the lightning

flash in your mind.


Join me in between the beats

of hearts conjoined

and made complete.

Between the darkness and the light

and undiscovered paradise.

A time between the then and then,

a static charge across your skin.

Abandoning the here and now,

to live in dark matter without

another pain,

another hurt,

come join me in the other world,

that keeps all that you know in line

a quantum blueprint for all time.


You’ve got the key built deep within,

just dig it out and slip it in

and step beyond all that you’ve known,

come join me in the afterglow.

For what you’ve seen

is just a part;

one shade of grey

one glimpse of art.


I can make you feel better than a drug.

I can show you all you’ve ever loved.

I can take away the pain of all you’ve ever known.

Come and join me in the afterglow.


(the universe is mostly dark)


HG – 2016

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