Assholes and Cockroaches

Open your mouth

and let out your atrocity.

Share your most precious gift

for we have gone without.

Tell us how the world’s supposed to be.


Everyone’s an agent and a spy.

Everyone has information,

they won’t be denied.

Everyone is cheering on

the martyrs who have died

and Sunday morning quarterbacking

terrorists on-line.


Who has all the answers?

I’d say everyone.

Can we avert disaster?

Not another one.

We’re calculated,


minds are tied as one

and opinions are like assholes,

I hear everyone has one.


We’re misinformed

and being ignored,

just angers up the masses.

Every truth is useful,

on in the time it passes

and the ignorant are merciful,

for they keep their mouths closed,

until they discover

they have been exposed.

Now all of us are going to have to know.


We’re screaming in the dark

that we have seen the light,

but we can’t find the switch,

it’s hard to know what’s right.

I could share my truth,

but would you join my fight,

or are you occupied

with your own struggle every time?


The ones who know are the quiet ones

these days.

Too busy with the work at hand

to bother with the games.


‘Cause these days a false prophet could be anyone.

You’ll know them by the fact

they scatter when the lights come on.


HG – 2016

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