300 Posts!

Well, 305 now…

… that isn’t the point, though. The point is; THANK YOU!

Thank you all for reading and for liking and for commenting and for coming back week after week to see the sideshow that is my mind. I’ve been writing new pieces almost every day, but I’ve really been enjoying the Saturday and Sunday morning uploads where I can share all of my pieces from the week. I know, sometimes it’s two weeks, but I have a life to live and all sorts of other awesome and not-so-awesome shit that needs attention, too!

I am curious, should I stick to the weekend uploads of multiple pieces, or would you like to see a daily upload, or what? Let me know! Who knows, your opinion could sway the rest of my life… or not, whatever, but take the chance!


Again, thank you all for following my blog, liking my writing and commenting when you feel so inclined. More and more, you become the reason I create, because I’m not waiting until I’m dead to share my insanity; it’s kind of tough to enjoy things when you’re dead.


Have a great weekend!


HG – 2016

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