I’m an all around mess.

I can fall with the best.

I should confess

I’m some trouble, I guess,

couldn’t think any less.



I’ve had it with the world,

I’m getting off the line,

I’m sick of trying to impress

the rest I’ve left behind,

I’m getting out of mind.


I’ve been told and didn’t listen before.

What makes you so special

that you think I’m going to change for

no other reason

than you think you’re smarter

than everyone else?


You can go fuck yourself.


I’m an impressive bit of dust,

You’d love my love and bite my lust.

I’ve had enough of giving trust

just to watch it bust;

that shiny surface always rusts.


I think I’ve learned a few things

on my own along the way,

I won’t be sitting this one out.

I’ve got the scars and the tattoos to prove it,

I’m not buying what comes out of your mouth.

It sounds too good,

yeah, it probably will be

another big lie,

just like everything else.


You can go fuck yourself.


HG – 2016

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