Friday Night Hypnotic

Lose yourself in the music.

Let your body

be one with the beat,

give up your grip;

on the tangible,

taste the impossible.

Ain’t it so sweet?


You’re free of the world,

you are vapor and smoke in the wind.

Nothing can catch you,

no cares

now that you’re giving in.


This is hypnotic attraction,

it’s a trick behind your back.


so much stimuli,

you can’t feel that you’re under attack.

Don’t know who’s digging under,

just relishing the sound

The sensation washes over you

and drags you underground.


Bewildered by

an impossible lie

that you line up to buy

every Friday night.

Under the lights

show your special insides,

you’re a star in your mind,

the reality kind.

You’ve got friends in high places,

but mostly on-line.

You’ve probably even repeated the lines,

you only live once,

so just enjoy the ride.

Party like it’s fucking 1999,

but come Monday you best be at your desk on time.


Your freedom is a lie.


A high designer tie is still a bind.

You’ve got good taste in clothes,

but you’ve left your sense behind.

You’re out there on the dance floor

celebrating intertwined,

with the same old chains

that you complain restrain your mind,

Your infatuation

is the way

you let your hands be tied.


Your idea of celebrity’s a lie.


So, go on and enjoy your Friday night,

you’ve been paying for it your whole life.

Who am I to say you’ve been deceived?

It seems to work so well for everybody on TV,

that’s gotta be good enough for me.


HG – 2016

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  1. I’ll be honest. This piece was one rewrite away from going in the trash. I figured I’d brush it up and post it anyway, because my ideas of what is “good” are only mine. Tell me what you think.

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