Footsteps Like The Wind

What does it matter?

Just let it all go.

Fight the good fight,

but don’t let it follow you home.

Come in from the night,

the cold and the dark;

you’ve taken feeling discomfort

and to being an art.



just do whatever you want.

We’ll be here

when it all falls apart.

Cleaning up your mess,

drying your tears;

you seem to be the only one

feeling anything around here.


You stretched out your wings

and tried to fly.

When the bough broke,

in that old lullaby,

you didn’t fall asleep,

you woke and soared.

You were never the kind of person

who got bored,

and then you went to war.


I’ve got some real questions

for you when we’re alone,

but they’ll have to wait,

my mind is on the road.

I’m leaving my past behind me,

finally found the strength to go,

I hope I see your face

when I get home.


We’ve justified

our crimes

with guilt and harm,

but never asked

if that is who we are.

I know you didn’t want to know,

but I can’t keep it in,

I’ll see you soon

and we’ll begin again.

Right where we left off,

one inch closer to the end.


You the self destructive one

and I the fugitive;

I guess we’ll see

If God really forgives,

when we pass along

with footsteps like the wind.


HG – 2016

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