Take the chances,

Make them worth the price of failing.

Hold nothing back,

let each effort fly,

defy the irritating

voice in your head;

deafen it

with the noise

of the blood

rushing through your veins.


Let you heart beat

hammer in you chest,

until it feels like it’s

going to explode.

Taste fear

and know that the flavor

goes well with letting go.


Awake now.

Alive again.

There’s nothing but gravity

holding us down

and it’s not holding on

very tight at all.

We’re children of life.

We’re dreams taking flight.

We’re the rain before it falls.


There is no dream

That can’t be


No reality

we can’t be

can’t be restrained.


We’re energy slowed down.

Accelerating now.

Universe in a thin skin.

A tear in the veil now.

Never meant to be anything,

but children of God.

Never meant to be tied

by our faith to this rock.

Created of the same

stuff that has always been,

immortal in substance;

why would it end?



Higher and higher we climb.


Brighter and brighter we shine.

Never confined

Never defined

Out of this world

Out of our minds.


We let go of everything they said we need,

We exist just fine in the space between.

The first and the last,

what has and will be;

we’re pieces of stars,

we’re pieces of dreams.


We believe.



HG – 2016

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