The Lynch Pin

Consciousness fades,

sharpens its blades,

no rest for the wicked,

the guilty,

the saved.

Trust in our ministers,

lost and afraid;

just a few minutes

the curtain will raise.


Apart from the pain,

the agony is not so bad.

It all hangs on an instant;

one trigger, one event.

These words hold us together

one weak link

and we’re a mess.

One bad day

and the promise we made

comes down

around our heads.


It’s the same song

sung all along,

nothing has changed

but the beat.

Until it’s gone

we can go on,

and the silence

seems so sweet.


When it stops,

when the axe drops

and we look around

to our quiet, empty self,

deafens the call

the pain of it all

is lost under the swell.


Hold it together, now

you’re missing

that little part of you

that keeps you together,

it’s gone forever

and you’re coming

apart at the seams,

with silence and screams.










Your life is a grenade.


HG -2016

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