Pretty Little Rituals

It’s been a long-ass night.

Didn’t plan on it all

actually working.

When something comes together

and everything goes right

at the right time,

for the first time,

in an long time.


One moment – all we’ve got is us.

Never needed any more,

this is the world we trust.


To have and to hold

and now such better things

never unfold,

we walk through other means.


Drive and desire

are all built of hollow.

Never predict

what type of time will follow.

Never regret

the life we’ve made.

It’s awesome,

but tomorrow may

lead the way

to the bottom.


These are the kind of times

that we embrace


Brought all times together,

one blood, one someone



Brought the past


but it was never

going to matter

without you.

It all couldn’t matter

without you.


Oh, you hold me close.

You draw me in,

until I am all over

your skin.


I am there,

I see you,

you are not alone.

I am angry questions

holding all along.


We’re bred of make-up-sex

and promises

I never kept.

Can’t say that there’s a problem

from the second best.

All that was asked of you

was some common sense.


I’m just an unfed junkie,

lost in something else,

but I have seen the


of all those

pretty little rituals

you smoke

to find your soul.

That little bit of each of us

afraid to lose control

of that trust you made,

the price you paid

will never be

repaid in full.

That past attraction draws the key

and never

lets you



HG – 2016

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