Grey Waves


master of distraction

and mysterium.

Voices in our heads


are we hearing them?

Are we fearing them?


Never far from the edge,

feel the push,

can’t catch our breath.

Out of touch,

desire for decline,

feel the rush,

you’re out of your mind.

No big surprise.


Pull the veil away,

you’ll know you have never seen

with a clear mind.

Blow the will away,

you’ll know you’ve believed

in a cheap lie.


Forever disguised,

forever in doubt;

starved for meaning,

perceiving hand to mouth.

We’ve had enough,

so we’re reaching out,

past the breach

into each

answer we’ve found.


We’re not giving up,

we’re not going down,

we’re going insane

in the grey waves now.


Come with me,

give your mind

to the front line.




To believe

is the height

of the sublime.


HG – 2016

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