My Secret Friends

I’m not too scared

to admit

I’ve been afraid,

of everything

and nothing

just the same.

I just found out

my conscience

is to blame

and I wouldn’t have it

any other way.


A secret is a friend

we take away,

to the day to day

and to the grave.

What good is just another yesterday?

Oh, God! I’ve gone and made

another great mistake.


I’ve trapped a lot of thoughts

along the way.

Been taught to make a lot

from waste and pain.

Hold on, my friend,

’cause here it comes again.

That rush as we descend.


I’m gonna throw away

my secret friends.

I’m so afraid

of what kind of life

I’ve lived with them.

I’m floating on a faft

of broken hopes

and shattered dreams;

terrified to leave.

Oh God, I beg you, please

take these from me.


Maybe today I’ll be free

lost to all these fearful memories.

If I set myself adrift upon the sea

and let the ocean carry me,

can I

be swallowed by the sky?


I’m history… I’m history…


HG – 2016

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