All those limitations

don’t apply to me,

just like the answers

to the questions

I don’t ask.


are delivered silently,

we are masters

of the gesture

and the glance.


Giving me the brush off,

a chip off

your cold shoulder.

There has been too much

of this shit,

now it’s all over.

It just never ends;

we’ve never begun.

Afraid to explain

what we may have done.

The treasures we’ve burned

just to stay warm,

we’ve weathered the worst

of our great storm.


I’m invisible to war.

Indivisible and pure.

Such a simple ill to cure,

reaching out into the blur,

the touch is never sure

as it is to be ignored.

We’re so bored.

Every connection discords

and we don’t seem to hear

the shedding tears,

the shedding blood,

we disappear.


In our own eyes

the days go by

without a whisper

without a cry.

Together we need

more than to survive.

The touch, the words

that light us up inside.

I am not immune.

I thought I was,

I lied

                I lied

                                I lied.

I’m sorry that I tried.


HG – 2016

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