The Only Monster in The World

I never stayed.

I always ran away

and what a price you paid,

from the cradle to the grave.

Trust was anathema,

a curse word you eschewed

that left the rest of us

to be abused;

the ruse was all you knew.


Try as we might to change,

there is always one more

piece of chain,

lying in wait

to shackle us

to the past.

we remain,

susceptible to ourselves

we’re mirrored in the ground swells

that shake our world

down to our very base.

What’s left of faith…


… undermined by

traitorous fuckers,

that violate others,

they feed on their daughters

and deceive their brothers,

and we all wonder

what’s driving each other

to fear and to doubt

the devout

and each wonderful

light that shines

new life into our eyes.


I will never have enough

to make up

for abandoning you;

in the crashing waves,

in the killing fields,

I ran from you.


I’m afraid I have created

one more monster

to unleash upon the world,

until I come back to reflection

and I see

that I am all I ever hurt.

The one I have abandoned

to be turned

into abominations,

I am the only monster in the world.


Made one way…


By fate.

By choice.

By rage.

By noise.

By hate.

By faith.

By tidal waves.

By wildfires.

By lava flows.

By hurricanes.

By tornados.

By ice.

By fire.

By wind.

By rain.

By blood.

By come.

By love.

By pain.


I have abandoned

self inside,

made monster

from the life denied.

The fault, the shame,

the blame is mine,

abandon all this one more time.


Step to the end,

step right outside,

exposed and opened

to the light

of all I am

and all I’ve been;

kill the monster,

start again…

… again.


HG – 2016

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