Nurture Not The Hurt


every disaster

there is a moment

where we get to choose

to put it all back together

the way we were,

the way it was,

or making something new.


We see so much of the

same old, same old


Why would we want to

rebuild what led to it?

Why not make it something else?


The world we give ourselves

is the one that we get.

So quickly we forget.


If we can’t be trusted

to make the choice that’s right,

if everything we do

just seems to shatter every time,

if unmitigated disaster

is the signature we sign,

then maybe now it’s time

we change our minds.


To let go of what we were,

because we can’t  go

back to being sickness

and just hoping for a cure.

Smarter than all of this,

I was so sure,

that we would choose

to nurture not the hurt.

It’s a silly little curse.


Goodbye – I’m gone.

Never looking back.

Never telling

what flight I’ll be on,

because I’m leaving

that old self behind

and I don’t want me to follow,

nothing to remind.


I’m seeking healing

in ways I don’t know.

Give myself the chance to be old.

I’ll need to win one more

battle in the war

to be what I’ve never been before.


I never knew I wanted this.

Never knew I needed it so bad.


HG – 2016

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