A Raindrop

I am a drop of rain.

I am part of the deluge.

I am the flood.

I am the reckoning.

I am absolving.

I am extinguishing.

I am the tidal wave.

I am the life blood.


Every part of you is me.

I am in

the very air you breathe.

Before you were you

you lived in me.

I am constant,

even in your dreams.


I am one of three

that you will need.


my trinity.

I am in your eyes,

and in the sky,

and in your mind.

I am a river

running down your spine.


I am life and death

and full of curiosity,

the medium of every sound

and distant melody.

I am crashing, roaring

tearing down with gravity.

I can tear the mountain down

and drag it into me;

the wildfire’s only enemy.






oh, so simple

in my way.


I am a drop of rain.



HG – 2016

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