The Uprising

They’re gonna kick you when you’re down,

they’ll try to put you in the ground.

‘Cause you’ve been thinking way too loud

and making us all proud;

I hope that you can see it now.


We put our faith and hope in you,

all that we asked was for the truth,

of all our lives and our excuse

as we bury you

is that your words were too acute.


Another wasted saviour song

another thing that we got wrong.

Let’s start a fire and throw it on,

this mad charade has gone

on and on for far too long.


Every time you try to climb

out of the belly of the hive

one million hands

with sharpened claws

will drag you back

into the fog.


means target rich,

don’t whine, don’t cry,

don’t bitch, don’t quit.

‘Cause we don’t bloom

when held below,

we push up through

the undergrowth.


We’ll never let

ourselves recline

we’ve found our purpose

deep inside.

In spite of all your

endless doubt

We become what

you’ve dreamed about.



to believe

we are limitless.




of the crowd.




from the thick of it.


We were never  made

to be restrained

we will find our place

in the clouds…

… and we’re never coming down.


Sometimes the arms embracing us

are just holding us back.

It’s up to each and every one

to make their peace with that.


Cause the chains you choose

are yours alone,

don’t ask me to break you out.

Once I’m free

I’ll be gone forever…

… and I’m never coming down.


I hope that you can see it now.



HG – 2016

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