Hello, Sky…

I used to be five miles high,

my eyes saw far and wide.

Head in the clouds,

clouds in my mind.

Finally found some ground,

came down like a landslide.


That’s the trouble with the Earth,

its surface is all rocks

and the oceans are no better,

all hindsight and afterthoughts.

This looked like as good as place

as any to come down;

not sure I like the look of it, now.


I don’t think I trust

the native population here.

Their eyes and mouths are open,

but they’re silent and immobile,

hungry for the end that must be near…

… I think I’ll disappear.


Now, where did I leave

my ladder to the clouds?

Not the best thing

to leave laying around.


Hello, Sky…

…good-bye ground.


HG – 2016

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