The Punchline

This is just another trick

being played on you.

You were never meant

to know the truth.

It’s possible

this joke is killing you,

but you’re the one

that wanted to play, too.

The devil always gets his due.


You’re begging for someone

to let you out.

Yet you’ve got the key

in your mouth.

Not sure what you’re

always complaining about;

you know what will follow,

if you swallow,

this is all just heading south.


Always complicating

such a menial existence,

as you try and make believe

you’re from the stars.

You’re just another

jaded lover

of some other

newborn sucker.

Dust to dust,

or just some ashes in a jar.

Oh, you’ve come so far.


I’ve never asked you,

what you think the point of life is?

I’m just showing you how

to turn it around,

so I can slip the knife in.

I’m a specter and a shadow,

you’re the sheep

and I’m the wolves.

You were never meant to get there,

caught up in the push and pull.


Taught to never talk to strangers,

yet you bought what you were sold.

Think you’re cool and on the inside,

but you’re locked out in the cold;

and sold your soul.

So you could watch me

make you disappear

and hear

me whisper “You’re so special.”

in your ear.

I think I can smell the fear.


Now you realize,

too late, I’m afraid;

the joke is always told at your expense.

Now run along

and show your wounds

to all your little friends.

Tell them how you’ve been a victim,

plead for mercy with your tears;

I think you’ll find

you’re quite alone out here.


Now, let me make myself perfectly clear;



Are my toy and my plaything.


Will never have anything.


Exist at my pleasure.


Am all things that you treasure.


Are my slave and my toy.


Are mine to destroy.


Don’t exist without me.


I fed you the shit you believe.

Now get on your knees.


HG – 2016

2 thoughts on “The Punchline

  1. Wow, read this several times and it just makes me shiver. Really like this one in a strange way that I can’t explain. There is an odd familiarity.

    1. This was one of those dark ones that just kind of slips out. I never know what I’m going to write when I sit down; sometimes it’s one thing, sometimes another. Lately though, I’ve been trying to really flesh out the idea of whatever the subject turns out to be, to really drive the narrative and push the emotion and make the work as unambiguous as possible. Even evil has a creative side.

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