Nighttime Goddess

You were a dream

I lost to waking.

You were a vision

made of smoke.

You were a moment of rejoicing,

my breath was caught up

in my throat.


I knew that I had searched forever

to find a clue that lead to you.

You were a rumor on the west wind,

you were not known, but to a few.

Like ancient knowledge held by sages,

or copied down on weathered scrolls;

I searched the world for your acquaintance,

resigned that I would never know.


Your face

Your hands

Your touch

Your love

You were the one

that I dreamed of.

I would waste

away alone,

but I found you in a place

that made a home.


You are a thing of dreams,

sometimes not even real.

Like a picture in my head;

here, but still ethereal.

Never ceasing wonder,

you have woken up my soul;

to know that dreams

are real,

now I know.


For who has felt

the gossamer skin

of a nighttime goddess?

Who knows for certain all this

was a plan of some design?

For a creature

of such beauty

to come walking

right out of my mind

and into my life

is crazy, right?


I will hold you every day,

as we all cling to dreams when we wake.

I will always know

that you are proof;

that love is all the power,

all the light,

and all the truth.


HG – 2016

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