The Scapegoat

Maybe I should have just

kept my mouth shut.

Maybe I should have just

stayed home.

Maybe I should have just

given up

and called on some higher power

to come and take these

difficult and tedious words,

staggeringly insurmountable tasks,

debasing and menial things



Maybe I should have cried out,

“This is too hard! I can’t do it!”

and begged and pleaded

with a cold and immutable Earth,

that I should be spared

discomfort and toil and shame;

because no one likes to be wrong.


No one asks to be responsible.

I sure as fuck

did not ask to be

saddled with ‘yes men’

and second guessed

by those who would never

be willing to be

the scapegoat.


My hands are scarred

and rough from a lifetime

of work.

My heart

bears similar marks,

because it has been used.

My mind,

is battered and traumatized

from life,

but has been life lived

and lived well.


I’ll keep doing it.

pushing past the ‘normal’.

Challenging the accepted limits,

because I will not shackle my mind.


Oh, and I will fail,

you better fucking believe it.

When I’m gone;

you’re going to know I was here.

HG – 2016

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